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Samsonite Pro Roller x300 AW


Lowepro Pro Roller x300 AW

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We've taken our award-winning, proven roller to the next level with the Pro Roller x-Series AW. Its patent-pending MaxFit System™ makes it easy to customize and maximize the amount of pro-sized gear you can fit and travel with.

  • MaxFit System™, patent-pending interior dividers design provides ease of use and the maximum capacity — all while offering superior protection
  • Long-wearing, ballistic nylon hardshell exterior offers high-impact protection
  • Vibration-absorbing, urethane-case wheels with ABEC-5 rated bearings provide a smooth glide and long-lasting durability
  • The Reserve Pack unzips from the hardshell case to provide additional versatility as needed
  • Dual-button trolley handle and comfortable grab handles with leather backing add extra convenience when transporting gear from point A to point B
  • A patented, built-in All Weather AW Cover™ may be deployed from back pocket to protect valuable gear from the elements
  • Compact, TSA-approved lock with locking zippers offers an easy-to-use security system
  • A no-drop front organization pockets provides space for all types of travel and personal essentials — from a passport to smartphone, keys to notebooks and more
  • An easy-access, deep laptop pocket is located in the front for added convenience
  • A roomy, interior storage panel is constructed with see-through mesh pockets for quick identification of accessories like cables, filters, chargers, etc.
  • Removable tripod straps at side of case.

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